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terrasil molluscum skincare terrasil molluscum skincare
  • Soothing Fast & Natural Relief for Kids & Adults
  • No Freezing, Scraping or Harsh Chemicals
  • Recommended by Experienced Dermatological Professionals

Customer Success Stories

Real customers have reported incredible healing and relief using terrasil Molluscum Skincare

"I was shocked at how quickly this product worked. I had taken my 9 year old son to the doctor and I was told to leave it alone and in 6 months to a year it would clear up. I am not that patient. I found this online and one week after using the treatment on his elbows they were almost completely clear. After 3 weeks his elbows looked normal again. Excellent Product!!" *

- Becky

Featured Customer Success Story

5 star review As you can tell it has been getting better. I am so HAPPY this has helped her...

By mom2000005 on May 9, 2016
Verified Purchase

We have been using Terrasil for approximately 4 weeks now. We have seen such an improvement!!! I was worried about having to go to a dermatologist to have it taken care of. I really did not want to put my daughter through all this pain and thought I would rather try something prior to going to the dermatologist. I read the comments from previous customers and thought it could not hurt to try it. The first picture is from April 13th, the second is from April 21st, the third picture is from May 5th and the last one is from May 8th. As you can tell it has been getting better. I am so HAPPY this has helped her with this Molloscum Contagiosum.............otherwise we would not have it under control as we have it today :) *

*Results may vary

More Customer Success Stories

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- Anne

Excellent product! My daughter had ​it for 1 year and after taking her to dermatologist for expensive and painful treatments, I figured I would give this a try. I didn't see any improvements for a few weeks... They all came to a "head" and disappeared by week 5!*

*Results may vary
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- Jenn

My 5-year old daughter had a terrible case all along her bottom and her legs. I nearly cried every time I looked at it and just could not find any way to stop it from spreading. She was so uncomfortable and constantly scratching at it. The final straw was when I took her to school and saw that she could barely sit still on the rug because it had become so itchy and painful. So the good news - I finally found your product online and decided to give it a try, and within 1 week, I saw that the bumps were beginning to dry up. By the end of 1 month, all of the bumps were gone and there were no new ones. I can't thank you enough for this product because I was really at wits end. She is now so happy that the bumps are gone and she can wear a bathing suit again for the summer! Thank you again!*​

*Results may vary
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- Lana

My daughter was put on antibiotics and prescribed topical retin A cream. Nothing worked. After months of battling this unpleasant virus, I came across Terrasil. Within 1 week or using it, almost all warts were gone. It’s been now 2 weeks and my daughter's skin looks healthy...We are a happy family again :) *

*Results may vary
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- Renee

I just have to say... OMG in 24 hours I noticed the difference and I have used the cream 3 times a day and these wart-like things are actually going away. It is a MIRACLE!!!! My only complaint is that I didn't discover this months ago! I am ordering more because the small jar is not enough! Thanks so much, you changed our life and my daughter is so more scratching!!!! If you want before and after photos, I have been keeping a photo journal of this amazing cream!... I would love to share. *​

*Results may vary
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- Michelle

Life saving product for my son. We saw results the next day, Amazing!! *

*Results may vary
3X ACTION Formula

All-natural Ingredients

A fast-acting ointment that soothes itch and irritation while promoting healthy skin for adults and children suffering from Molluscum symptoms. This all-natural formulation uses only the finest ingredients combined with patented Activated Minerals® technology to deliver highly effective results.
It’s fast, gentle, and doesn’t require painful freezing or scraping.

molluscum skincare ingredients


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Over 10 years ago, I founded Aidance Scientific. Inspired by my father’s groundbreaking research into the technology that would become our Activated Minerals®, and using his discoveries as the basis for our powerful, all-natural healing formulas, I set out to revolutionize skin healing.

With the terrasil® family of products, I believe we’ve done this. They offer excellent results without a prescription, use natural ingredients and the fruits of over a decade of scientific research, and are endorsed by leading physicians and hospitals. All this without the influence of big pharmaceutical companies.

Aidance Scientific started with my father and remains a family-owned and operated business today. Each one of our products is proudly made in the United States with the end user, you, in mind. We make products that we’d be happy to use on our own families because they’re safe, don’t contain more ingredients than necessary, and most of all, they work. Give us a try, you won’t be sorry.